RB Rail and STH sign collaboration agreement

RB Rail and STHRB Rail and STH (Solidarity Transport Hub Poland – CPK) signed a cooperation agreement in Riga to formalise parties’ partnership intentions.

The two companies agreed on the aim to promote innovative and virtuous research to build a shared international knowledge in the key sectors and will establish a relationship of institutional and scientific collaboration in training, research, and innovation projects.

The companies will exchange their know-how by collaborating on topics of common interest, such as, but not limited to, technological innovation, maintenance, safety, and sustainability and promoting initiatives promoting scientific and technological culture and others.

“To ensure full integration with the TEN-T network, efficient connections with Poland are unquestionably significant. We are therefore particularly pleased to strengthen our collaboration with STH, who not only in a way share similar challenges but more importantly – opportunities to those in the Rail Baltica global project,” RB Rail Chief Technical Officer Marc-Philippe El Beze said.

It is well known that the Solidarity Transport Hub will create a transfer hub between Warsaw and Łódź which will integrate the rail, air and road transport in the region, that will have a significant impact on transport system in the region and across the TEN-T network. The project covers the construction of a new airport situated 37 km from west Warsaw as well as 2,000 km of new lines split into 12 rail routes, including 10 “spokes”.

The collaboration between RB Rail and STH is important as the Solidarity global project will see new connections with the Czech Republic on the Katowice – Ostrava line and connections are planned to Ukraine through Lviv and Kyiv, promoting the rail transport to the Baltic States via the future Rail Baltica line.

“Countries of the CEE region may have a unique value proposition for the entire EU. Solidarity Transport Hub Poland is committed to doing its part in developing a common high-speed rail system for CEE. We welcome close cooperation with Rail Baltica and I’m confident the agreement signed is a vital step towards cross-border integration, leading to greater connectivity and cohesion”, Mikołaj Wild, the CEO of the Solidarity Transport Hub said.



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