Railway Days – the Railway PRO Investment Summit

Railway Days the Railway PRO Investment Summit will gather more than 300 participants, representing authorities and institutions operating in the railway segment, representatives of the European Commission, international financial institutions, railway transport and public railway operators, companies in the railway industry.

The opportunities and challenges of the construction of a high performance and efficient railway system, the importance of determining the national and regional strategies for the growth of the railway system, the improvement and optimization of the TEN-T network connectivity, the requirement of technologies for improving the attractiveness of goods and passenger transport, as well as the implementation of project aiming at increasing competitiveness, represent few topics underlying a constructive dialog between the summit participants.

The 10th edition of the strategic event Railway Days PRO Railway Investment Summit is organized by Club Feroviar (Railway Club), supported by Asociația Industriei Feroviare din România (AIF – Romanian Railway Industry Association) and Asociația pentru Mobilitate Metropolitană (AMM – Association for Metropolitan Mobility), on October 6 and 7, at Bucharest (Radisson Blu Hotel).

At its anniversary edition, the Railway Summit of Bucharest became one of the most appreciated events in Central and Eastern Europe, with participants from the domestic and European largest railway providers, solution and technology integrators, as well as decision makers.

PRO Railway Investment Summit is an event that facilitates the business dialog between the market players and supports and stimulates an integrated approach of domestic and international projects which, altogether, accelerate the development of a Sole European Railway Area.

Railway Days – PRO Railway Investment Summit is the representative event of the Railway Pro communication platform. Every year the event gathered hundreds of players on the railway transport market, representing an innovation in the field of communication for the Central and Eaqstern Europe railway market.

Railway professionals and representatives of the industry and relevant organizations gather at Bucharest in order to analyze the contextual factors with impact on CEE railway markets and to discuss the challenges and opportunities imposed by the current railway market context, the financing mechanisms coordinated by the European Commission, the importance of Pan-European railway corridors for the fluidization of commodities traffic, both inside Europe and to the connection with Eurasia Platform, the role of the private segment in the stimulation, innovation and increase of transport efficiency, as well as the stakes related to the consolidation of the competitiveness of the European railway transport market.

Railway Pro Investment Summit is highly beneficial for contractors attempting to access international markets. The event also provides the opportunity of promoting the businesses before an international investors, strategic partners and consultants’ network.




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