Railpool received its 200th Traxx locomotive

Bombardier Transportation delivered the 200th Traxx locomotive to Railpool at Bombardier’s Kassel site in Germany.

The delivery is based on a more than a 10 – year strong partnership between Bombardier and Railpool.
“Our first Traxx locomotive was delivered in 2009, and the intense collaboration with Bombardier made the successful start of Railpool possible. Today we have ordered a total of 232 Traxx locomotives. These locomotives are in service with our customers in 16 countries,” Torsten Lehnert, the CEO of Railpool said.

Last year, the rail vehicle leasing company has extended its financing and secured EUR 800 million additional funding for the procurement of 30 locomotives. The company will acquire 10 Siemens Vectron locomotives and 20 Traxx electric locomotives under a contract signed in December 2018.

The company is operating in 14 countries and has a locomotive fleet of more than 400 vehicles that involved a EUR 1 billion investment. In November, Railpool opened its business in Italy and has signed a contract to lease 6 Traxx locomotives with last mile concept to Captrain Italia operator.

The newly delivered Traxx MS2E locomotive is homologated for cross-border traffic in seven European countries: Austria, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Slovakia. This locomotive was part of an order for ten locomotives placed in December 2018.

“Together [with Railpool] we have further developed the TRAXX locomotive platform technically, for example, we have progressed our Last Mile functionality, the support diesel engine for electric locomotives

Bombardier has sold 2,300 Traxx locomotives in the last 20 years. Together the locomotives in operation achieve an annual mileage of 300 million km. They are also authorised to operate in 20 countries around the world.


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