Rail Transit and Urban International Summit

Themed on “industry innovation, smart and efficient, high-quality development“. The 13th rail transit and urban international summit will invite more than 230 representatives of railway government representatives, engineering planning, design and construction units, owners’ enterprises, rolling stock, communication signals, and electrical and mechanical security equipment from all over the world. Industry experts and decision-making leaders of suppliers, investment and financing institutions, top international industry experts and business leaders, and law firm consulting companies will participate in the exchange and cooperation. The conference will invite first-tier cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, as well as Chengdu, Wuhan and other capital cities, to share their successful experiences in construction, equipment and operation. At the same time, authoritative industry associations and subways from overseas. Company experts will also present a wonderful report for the industry.


The organizing committee also sincerely hopes that you will come to this conference to share and share with industry partners to create a better future.


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The 13th Annual City-rail Summit

Industry Innovation · Smart and Efficient · High-quality Development


2020.2.27-28, Shenzhen·ChinaThe 13th Rail Transit and Urban International Summit will set up a platform for mutual communication between metro enterprises and management departments to discuss the high-quality development and innovation of urban rail transit in the context of the new era. Interactive learning, learning from each other’s strengths, sharing experiences, and jointly promoting the development of urban rail transit to a higher level.


Yu Bo, the chief engineer of Chengdu Metro, has confirmed that he is a guest speaker. He hopes to have full communication with everyone during the 13th International Rail Transit and Urban Summit. There are more ideas to collide.


He said that in 2020, Chengdu Rail Transit will have several lines to start construction: At present, the third phase of Line 10 is scheduled to start construction in October 2019, and is scheduled to be completed by the end of June 2023.


In addition, connecting the express line in the southwest-northeast direction, the construction of the Chengdu Rail Transit Line 17 is concerned. The second phase of the 17th line is scheduled to start in October 2019 and will be completed by the end of October 2024. The estimated total construction period is 60 months. The third phase of Line 18 and the first and second phases of Line 18 form a fast route running through the central axis of the city, connecting Chengdu’s central city, Tianfu New District and the new airport. The third phase of Line 18 includes the North Extension, Linjiang Section, Airport North Station and a section of three sections, with a total length of 16.715km. The third phase of Line 18 is scheduled to start in October 2019 and will be completed and operated in 2024. The total construction period is 5 years.


Moreover, the Chengdu-Deyang City Railway S11 program is also in the preliminary work related to the project.


Chee Cheong Wong, Assistant Vice President (Technical Director) of SBS Transit, will talk about the operation of the unmanned NEL train. The Northeast Line (NEL) managed by SBS Transit is a fully automated unmanned driving a large volume fast rail transit system. The line is 10 kilometers long and consists of 16 stations, extending from the southernmost lakeside to the northeast of Punggol Road. Currently, the Singapore NEL line is the world’s first heavy-duty unmanned subway train using the IAGO mobile block and the world’s number one user.


Beijing Mass Transit Railway has confirmed the presence of two leaders to attend the conference. They will analyze the rapid security inspection channel system from the perspective of intelligent operation, improve the network transportation capacity, and solve the problem of riding pain points such as station external flow restriction, station detention and car crowding. Beijing subway application of face recognition technology to achieve passenger classification security practice results, Line 049 car as the first in Beijing equipped with multimedia windows, “smart train” pilot vehicles, smart stations (smart passenger service system, ride support system And the operation and maintenance detection system), the smart train related pilot work will also be explained in detail at the 13th Annual City-Rail 2020!


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