Chinese company opens rail research centre in Turin

China’s CRRC Tangshan has opened a modern rail research centre in Turin aimed to consolidate bilateral collaboration and innovation in rail transport technology.

rail research centre

The centre will be affiliated with Blue Engineering, an Italian company created in 1993 specialising in automotive vehicles, rail transport, aerospace, maritime engineering and information and communications technologies.

In 2016, three Chinese companies – CRRC Tangshan, China National Transportation Equipment & Engineering and GenertecItalia – invested in Blue Engineering receiving 60% and a share of 15% each of the company’s social capital. Dario Gallina, Chairman of Turin’s Union of Industrialists, declared during the ceremony that the inauguration of this research centre was an acknowledgement of Blue Engineering’s competences by CRRC Tangshan and that other rail companies would also benefit from it.

Several other guests have embraced this proposal such as Turin’s Mayor Chiara Appendino, the Chairman of Piemont Region, Alberto Cirio, and the rector of Turin Polytechnics University, Guido Saracco. Wang Jun, Vice-president of CRRC Corporation Ltd. (CRRC), declared that this research & development centre will contribute to a new age of development in Italy, providing better opportunities for jobs and development.

As global supplier of rail transport equipment, CRRC has already created several research & development centres in the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Sweden, South Africa and Turkey. Li Ben, Economic and Commercial Business Counsellor at the Chinese Embassy in Italy and Song Xuefeng, China’s General Consul in Milan were among the 500 guests who attended the ceremony.

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