Rail regulations adopted by Serbian Government

The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted three law projects regulating the field of rail transport and securing a further development of the railways, opening the rail services market and enhancing railway safety. The adopted law projects further harmonize the national legislature with the EU acquis and the implementation of the technical standards used in Europe.
The law on railways regulates railway infrastructure management, provision of railway transport services, the licensing of transporters, prices, services and competence of the Directorate for Railways. This law aims to further open and harmonize the Serbian market with the single EU railway market, secure greater efficiency and integration, as well as competitiveness in relation to other types of transport.
The law on safety in railway transport brings increased safety of this type of transport, as well as a further integration of Serbian railways into the EU railway system. This law defines the competence of the Directorate for Railways as the national rail safety body.
The law on the interoperability of the railway system secures a system for safe train traffic. This will enable train traffic on the entire European railway network, with mutual infrastructural, information and communications connections.

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