Rail haulage to Lithuania via Belarus up by 43.6% in 2014

freight LithuaniaThe amount of export cargo transported by rail via Belarus to Lithuania increased by 43.6% up to 14.1 million tonnes in 2014, writes BelTA quoting the press office of Belarusian Railways.
“Last year the export of cargo by railway transport from Belarus to Lithuania and its ports rose by 43.6% compared to 2013. To be more specific, the export of fertilizers increased by 66.7%, oil products by 15.8%, timber by 25.4%,” the press service informed.
All in all, the amount of cargo transported to Lithuania and its ports by Belarusian Railways expanded by 22.2% in 2014 over 2013.
The combined transport train project Viking is gaining momentum. In 2014 the Viking train transported 44,100 containers (twenty-foot equivalent units), up by 2.7% over 2013. Taking part in the project are railway administrations of Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, and Turkey’s BALO (Great Anatolia Logistics Organization). “The partners are closely collaborating with railway services, cargo owners and other forwarders with a view to extending the route of the Viking train towards Turkey, Georgia and later to Azerbaijan and via the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan,” the press center noted.


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