Rail Cargo Group and Samskip launch new container service on Germany-Greece route

Railway terminal at Venice port

Austrian operator Rail Cargo Group, Italian shipping house Grimaldi and logistics operator Samskip will launch a multimodal transport service between Greece and German Port Duisburg. The route will also follow the route of Duisburg-Venice railway, but also maritime transport links from Venice to Greek ports Igoumenitsa, Patras and Corfu.
The multimodal transport service will be launched beginning with 18 March. Rail Cargo Group will operate three trains a week on Duisburg-Venice route. Grimaldi will carry the trucks, while Samskip will transport the containers on maritime routes to Greek ports. Starting with 2020, container transport will be multiplied, so that the shift to rail (the transport of a higher freight volume from road to rails) would be as high as possible.
Trains on Duisburg-Venice route will have 19 wagons each, will be 550-m long and will weigh 1,400 tonnes. The route will be covered in 32 hours via the Italian city of Tarvisio, at the border between Austria and Italy.
Rail Cargo Group and Samskip estimate that, by delivering this transport, around 5,000 trucks will be shifted from roads to railways every year.


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