Quseia section on Beni Suef – Assuyt enters operation

SIL 4 signalling Alstom has installed and commissioned the SIL 4 signalling solution including a support system and SCADA on the nineth rail section of Beni Suef – Assuyt (BSA) rail line in Egypt.

The Quseia section length is 15 km and connected with Abu-Qurqas, Roda, Mallawi and Deirut stations which are already in service. Overall, the length commissioned is 131 km with 9 stations, 40 level crossings and 186-point machines.

The line was equipped with the SIL 4 signalling Electronic Interlocking System (IXL solution-Smartlock 400 GP) and the new system installed on the rail section supervises and controls different subsystems based on Alstom Iconis, TLC system and 11 kv power supply sub-station.

The inauguration took place one week after the launch of the automatic area of Samalut sector. The automatic area of Samalut is 6 km with one secondary building. Besides this commissioned section, Alstom ha also completed this year the signalling system installation on the Deirut rail section, which connects Abu Qurqas, El Roda and Mallawi stations.

“I am proud and inspired by the way our company has risen to this challenge, thank you to each and every one of you for your contribution, and let’s continue to work together,” Mohamed Khalil, the Managing Director for Alstom in Egypt said.

Egyptian National Railways awarded Alstom a EUR 100 million contract to supply the signalling equipment for the 240 km – long Beni Suef – Asyut railway line, one of the three main lines in Egypt and an important railway connection between the two cities.

The project is part of country’s national investment plan to develop the railway transport in the area of the Nile River, south of Cairo.

Under the contract, Alstom was responsible for the provision of Smartlock solution, its electronic interlocking system, to replace the existing electromechanical one, as well as a trackside equipment, a power supply and a telecommunication system.

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