Queensland announces subsidies to shift road to rail freight transport

Queensland Government will provide a AUD 80 million (USD 54.37 million) subsidy for Mount Isa Line to boost minerals freight exports in the state’s north west.
In the next four years, the authorities will provide a AUD 20 million (USD 13.6 million) annual funding in incentives for commercial freight users on the Mount Isa Line.
“The government will be releasing the scheme guidelines and the application form to allow eligible users on the Mount Isa Line to apply for the incentive,” Queensland Prime Minister, Annastacia Palaszczuk, said.
The rail payments will be paid to eligible participants on a quarterly basis. Mount Isa Line incentive scheme will make rail freight more competitive and incentivise a shift from road freight to rail on one of Queensland’s most important freight routes.
In June, the government unveiled a AUD 500 million (USD 340 million) plan to boost mineral freight exports on the Mount Isa Line.

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