PTC enters operation on more LIRR sections

MTA Long Island Rail Road, New York, has activated the Positive Train Control (PTC) on the eastern 174 km (108 miles) of the railway network, from Patchogue to Montauk and from Ronkonkoma to Greenport.

The addition of these 174 km nearly doubles the route km of the LIRR that are operating in PTC, to 354 km (220 miles). The activation puts 72.5% of the LIRR’s 305 total route miles (491 total route km) now operating in PTC.

“This latest achievement shows that we are continuing to make steady and deliberate progress as we work toward implementing PTC systemwide by Dec. 31,” LIRR President Philip Eng said.

With the latest addition, these segments of the LIRR are now operating in PTC with some limited exceptions at 11 selected areas that are still being refined.

The PTC system uses a network of computers on board trains and along the tracks that are in communication with a central control hub, sharing data on rail conditions in real time.

If the Positive Train Control system detects that a train is operating too fast for a given stretch of track, or is at risk of passing a stop signal, the system automatically steps in to slow or stop the train, while alerting the train’s engineer that it is doing so.

PTC builds upon existing LIRR systems such as in-cab signaling and automatic civil speed enforcement. These safety measures already offer some of the most substantial functions of PTC to LIRR passengers.


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