Progress Rail to supply Egyptian Railways new locomotives

Egyptian National Railways (ENR) and Progress Rail signed a Memorandum of Understanding which includes new locomotives, as well as terms to modernize, overhaul and maintain a portion of company’s existing locomotive fleet, with a long-term service agreement.
“We value the strong, collaborative relationship we have with ENR, and look forward to putting a plan in place to modernize their locomotive fleet with highly advanced locomotive electronics, quality components and state-of-the-art technologies. These innovations will work in tandem to take their existing fleet to the next level through optimized performance,” said Progress Rail President William Ainsworth.
Egyptian National Railways is the largest transport network in the region, with an annual volume of 500 million railway passengers (with 1.4 million people per day) and 6 million tonnes of goods.
By now, Progress Rail has powered or supplied the majority of ENR’s current operational fleet with more than 1,100 locomotives delivered over 6 decades and the company has plans to develop and modernise its rolling stock fleet.

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