Preferred bidder for Melbourne second SRL East tunnel contract

The Government of Victoria announced that the consortium of Terra Verde is the preferred bidder for the second SRL East tunnelling contract to build the 10 km of twin tunnels between Glen Waverley and Box Hill. The global consortium comprises WeBuild, GS Engineering and Construction Australia and Bouygues Construction Australia.

Detailed negotiations are now underway, and the Tunnels North contract will be awarded later this year.

This significant milestone follows the award last year of the Tunnels South contract to Suburban Connect, for tunnelling between Cheltenham and Glen Waverley. Suburban Connect has hit the ground running, with ground investigations and planning well underway ahead of the start of tunnelling in 2026. It is expected that the section will enter operation by 2035.

The Linewide package to build the high-tech fleet of SRL trains, fit out the tunnels, install signalling, and operate and maintain the network will be awarded next year, and two contracts to build the 6 new underground stations will be awarded from 2026.

Construction of SRL East between Cheltenham and Box Hill is powering ahead with construction underway at all 6 station sites and the stabling facility in Heatherton.

In 2023, the government selected  to deliver tunnelling work for 16 km of twin tunnels between Cheltenham and Glen Waverley, part of SRL East.

It is also planned for the neighbourhoods around each station, with extensive community consultation informing structure planning for each area. Draft Structure Plans will go on public exhibition late this year or early next year.

SRL will deliver more more public transport and housing options in the right places, with a long-term vision for 70,000 more homes and 230,000 extra jobs in the areas around the 6 SRL East stations.

Suburban Rail Loop will deliver a 90 km rail line linking every major train service from the Frankston Line to the Werribee Line via Melbourne Airport, better connecting Victorians to jobs, retail, education, health services and each other.

Three transport super hubs at Clayton, Broadmeadows and Sunshine will connect regional services, so passengers outside Melbourne won’t have to travel through the CBD to get to employment, world-class hospitals and universities in the suburbs.

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