Port of Salalah (Oman) will have huge benefit from rail network

Salalah portThe largest port in Oman, Port of Salalah, will benefit from the upcoming railway network that will run through the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries. “The rail connectivity will have huge benefits for the Port of Salalah given its strategic location and proximity to international maritime routes. “This port is the main gate to access the Gulf countries and handles a wide variety of products so the rail connection will help us reduce the time and also shipping tariffs,” Hamid Al Kathiri, the port’s deputy general manager for project development and implementation, told Times of Oman.
The port is currently linked through direct lines with 54 ports around the world, in addition to ships engaged in short trips and re-shipping of container goods to markets in East Africa, India and the GCC countries.
The container terminal handled 3.3 million containers in 2013 while the port terminal handled 7.9 million tonnes of goods. More than 3,000 ships of various types visit the port annually, including cruise liners.
Source: www.timesofoman.com

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