Poland submitted EUR 2 billion rail projects under CEF

PKP Polish Railway Lines submitted 5 projects for the financing under CEF 2016 Transport calls for proposals with a total value of more than EUR 2 billion. The EU financing requested is EUR 1.7 billion.
The first project involves the modernisation of Białystok – Suwałki – Trakiszki section (state border) on line E75, with the implementation of phase one (Bialystok – Elk section). The total value of the project is EUR 398 million, with 338.3 million covered by the Cohesion Fund.
Another submitted project is the modernisation of Kędzierzyn Koźle – Opole Zachodnie section (on Line E30) with a total value of EUR 142.4 million. The requested financing under Cohesion Fund is 90 million.
Under the stage I of Silesia’s rail modernisation, the project submitted by the company involves E 30 and E 65 lines. Będzin – Katowice – Tychy – Czechowice Dziedzice – Zebrzydowice is the section that should be modernised with a total value of almost EUR 937 million, with a requested Cohesion Fund financing of EUR 796.4 million.
Under the Cohesion Fund, EUR 293 million were requested for the EUR 344.68 million project that involves the installation of ERTMS/ETCS on different lines across TEN-T.
The last project involves the Skierniewice – Pilawa – Łuków rail section on C-E 20 line. Tha total value of the project is 227.4 million, with a EUR 193.3 million requested under Cohesion Fund financing.

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