Poland launches ERTMS tenders

pkp-ertmsPKP Polish Railways Lines (PKP PLK) has announced two tenders worth over PLN 1 billion (EUR 228.6 million) for the implementation of ERTMS/ETCS on 1000 km of railway lines. The tender includes the installation of the system on TEN-T rail section that involves Kunowice – Terespol (E20 line), Łowicz – Łuków (C-E20 line) and Podłęże – Rzeszów (E30 line) sections.
On Kunowice – Terespol rail section (excluding Warsaw node) the tender involves the installation of ERTMS / ETCS Level 2, on Łowicz – Lukow section will be installed ERTMS / ETCS Level 1 and on Podłęże – Rzeszów section, ERTMS / ETCS Level 2.harta-pkp
According to the company, the projects involve works on 990 km of rail lines, two local control centers (LCS) in Rzepin and Zbąszynek and the modernisation of three control centers (LCS Opalenica, Blonie LCS and LCS Minsk Mazowiecki). As part of the works there will be constructed 2 radio control centers on Podłęże – Rzeszów and 11 on Kunowice – Terespol rail section.
These projects will be financed under the third CEF call and should be completed in 2023. According to PKP Polish Railways Lines, 2500 km of railway lines will be equipped with ERTMS technology.

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