Poland analyses hydrogen train potential

Polish Office of Rail Transport (UTK) intends to elaborate a pilot study which would allow the introduction of the hydrogen technology on the rolling stock market. “I consider that we should introduce a pilot study which will encompass at least three subjects: a hydrogen producer, a rolling stock manufacturer as well as a railway carrier, who will in the future use a railway vehicle running on hydrogen. Such project would enable testing hydrogen propulsion and promote this technology as a modern and green solution,” Ignacy Góra, the President of UTK said during a meeting with representatives of science, rolling stock manufacturers, and railway operators.
At the meeting, the participants approved UTK’s initiative which should lead to the preparation of a strategy of introduction of hydrogen propulsion in Poland, as well as the revision of the Strategy on Sustainable Development of Transport with regard to such a solution.
During the meeting, where the possibility of using hydrogen for railway vehicles was discussed, the participants agree on the importance of the hydrogen for transport emission reduction but highlighted the barriers that the new technology faces to enter rolling stock market.
“Shortly we will analyse this matter and prepare proposals to revise government acts, which will encompass hydrogen propulsion. These analyses will be sent to relevant ministries, which manage such strategies and programmes,” Ignacy Góra concluded.
Rolling Stock Factory H. Cegielski and Alstom Konstal, PKP Cargo and hydrogen producer JSW Innowacje as well as the representatives of Warsaw University of Technology, the Institute of Transport and Ministry of Infrastructure and the Solidarity Transport Hub participated at the event.

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