Poland achieves the best rail freight result for the last 6 years

In the first half of 2017 freight railway undertakings in Poland saw a 10% increase as far as weight of transported cargo is concerned and 8% for the transport performance. This is the best result for the last 6 years, Office of Rail Transport says.
During the first half of 2017, 114.1 million tonnes were transported, a 10% (or 10 million tonnes) increase compared to the same period of previous year. Transport performance’s result was at the level of 25.8 billion t-km and was by 1.9 billion higher, registering a 7.8% increase. “These are the best results after 2011, when from January to the end of June 122 million tonnes were transported with the transport performance at the level of 26.6 billion.”
June 2017 is another month of this year with a weight of transported freight being at the level exceeding 20 million tonnes. Comparing June of this year to June 2016, the results of weight got better by 7.3% for the weight and 8.2% for transport performance.
In terms of transported weight PKP Cargo ranks first with a share of 44.85%, followed by DB Cargo Polska (18.17%) and Lotos Kolej (5.57%).
In terms of transport performance PKP Cargo leads the market with a share of 52.44%, followed by Lotos Kolej (9.71%) and PKP LHS (5.86%).
Based on 2017 freight licence, 70 railway undertakings used Polish railway network. Compared with 2015, of 89 railway undertakings had active licenses, 67 undertakings engaged in the transport business.


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