PLK builds a new service centre in Gdańsk

Gdańsk service centrePomeranian Mechanical and Railway Company (PPM-T), a company from the Capital Group of Polish Railway Lines, won a contract for the construction of Gdańsk service centre which will ensure better maintenance of machines and vehicles, including efficient work on the tracks.

The facility is planned at the headquarters of PPM-T and the Gdańsk South railway station and will provide periodic repair hall for multifunctional and heavy machinery for track work. The urban planning and architectural concept are currently under development phase. PLN 2.9 million (EUR 618,100) is the value of the design works. The construction of the centre is planned for 2023 – 2024 and the activities are expected to start in the third quarter of 2025.

The 150m-long and 75m-wide facility will be built on a 11,500 square metres site which will provide five tracks inside the hall to be used for inspections and service repairs. The fifth track will be used for technological activities, where a car wash, a preparation chamber for painting and a paint chamber will be located. The applied solutions will facilitate the movement of serviced machines between the car wash, tracks with workstations and the paint workshop. The centre will be equipped with photovoltaic panels and heat pumps, as well as the necessary systems for energy recuperation.

The investment is directly related to the successively expanded machine park of the PKP Polskie Linie Kolejowe, which, due to its innovative equipment, requires specialised service stations. The modern Gdańsk service centre will enable PPM-T to increase its involvement in commercial repair of machines while ensuring the highest quality of services.

The construction of the facility is developed based on modern BIM design technology which enables the constructor to create a virtual project model that can be assessed and modified before construction work begins. This will reduce the cost risk, will provide more accurate technical aspects and will deliver an efficient way for construction investment.


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