PKP PLK selects 3 final bids for GSM-R implementation on more than 13,000 km of railways

Poland’s Rail Infrastructure Manager, PKP PLK, launched a tender to install the GSM-R communications system over 13,600 kilometers of rail tracks. PKP PLK announces that three companies have qualified, all with differentiated price bids.
The three bidders proposed to shorten the implementation period of the project by three months. The budget of the contracting authority, PKP PLK, was nearly PLN 3.7 billion ( EUR 857 million).
The tender was first announced in September 2015 and refers to the construction of the infrastructure to allow ERTMS / GSM-R to be installed. Tendering procedures have been prolonged until the end of January 2017.
The bids for the GSM / R component were opened on September 27, 2017. PKP PLK announced it has selected the offers submitted by the three bidders.
Thus, the Kapsch CarrierCom – Porr consortium submmitted an offer worth PLN 3.7 billion – EUR 857 million (with options that could raise the offer to PLN 3.9 billion – EUR 903 million), the Nokia Solutions consortium – SPC with an offer of PLN 2.6 billion – EUR 602 million (with options that could raise the offer to PLN 2.8 billion – EUR 647 million) and another consortium of Chinese companies headed by the Beijing Railway Research Institute, submitting an offer worth PLN 4.8 billion – EUR 1.11 billion (without any other option).
Selecting the winning consortium will be announced at a later date.

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