PKP Cargo Group train on China – Germany route arrives in 13 days

PKP argo China-GermanyAfter a 13-day journey, a cargo train from  China arrived at the Hamburg Billwerder station in Germany. On the European section of the route, the whole of transport was performed  by the PKP Cargo Group. It was the first time when the company was responsible for transport on two sections – the Polish and the German one. Performance of the contract for the Chinese partner was the responsibility of Cargosped, an operator providing freight forwarding and logistic services, which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the PKP Cargo Group.
The connection served by PKP Cargo will be developed further – subsequent trains from China will be launched already in April.
The train travelled in turn through the following countries: China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belorussia, Poland and Germany. The journey time for the over one thousand  kilometer long section across Poland to the target station in Germany was around 26 hours.
For the transport of  products on the route from China to Germany via Poland, the company used the total of 18 six-axis railway cars and one two-axis car, together with the new intermodal platforms bought by PKP CARGO in 2014. The reloading of cargo from the train from China was carried out at the Logistic Centre in Małaszewicze.

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