Pittsburgh introduces real-time tracking for T light-rail service

The Port Authority of Allegheny County has introduced a new service, called TrueTime, which will give passengers the ability to track the next T train in real time. The authority has been using TrueTime for its bus fleet since 2013, but this marks its first use in tracking light-rail trains. The service is now available via a website, and a third-party application is expected soon.
According to the authority, it has installed tracking devices in more than 80 of its light-rail vehicles. A system also has been implemented “to overcome the limitations of the system while the vehicles are underground.” TrueTime will be available for the entire length of the light-rail service, from South Hills Village in Bethel Park to Allegheny Station on the North Shore.
“This has been one of the most anticipated items from rail riders for several years in a statement. Real-time information reduces the time riders spend waiting for public transit and allows them to make better, more informed decisions about their transit experience,” David Donahoe, the Port Authority’s interim CEO, said.

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