Peru: Brazil-Peru interoceanic rail project under doubt

06-peruPeruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski admitted in Beijing that the interoceanic railway project, proposed by China to connect Brazil’s Atlantic coast with Peru’s Pacific coast, might not be feasible due to high costs and the risk of low occupancy.
“The first is the cost, which is very high, and the second is if there is any return freight (from Peru to Brazil) because any transport system must have have both (delivery and return freights),” President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said. Other problems involve the height at which the railroad will be built and which will require the construction of numerous tunnels and push costs up further as well as the environmental implications since the railway line will pass through the Amazon forests.
These concerns have given rise to suggestions of an alternative route further south that would not pass through the Amazon and involve a third country, Bolivia.

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