Passengers say Lastochka is the best Russian train

LastochkaThe passengers have named Lastochka the best train operating the Russian rail network, following a survey conducted by, one of the biggest Russian site that sells train tickets.

According to the customer satisfaction survey, in which 100,000 voters took part, these trains occupy all the three top lines in the overall rating, in which Lastochka trains running on different routes are represented on 5 out of total of 20 lines. The route between Rostov–on – Don and Novorossiysk is the highest rated line. The Ekaterinburg – Kurgan and St. Petersburg – Bologoye routes are ranked on the second and third place respectively.

After their trips, the voters were also asked to rate the train and give feedback on its advantages and disadvantages. The site users were asked to focus on different parameters such as cleanliness and newness of the train, attentiveness, and courtesy of the staff, as well as the state of the sanitary facilities.

At present, more than 240 Lastochka trains of various modifications run on 58 rail routes in 27 regions.

The specialists are working on improving the technology. In the future the development of Lastocka-series trains based on the Desiro technical platform, includes the creation of a train designed for suburban traffic in the regions of Siberia and the Far East, the Baltic Lastochka, a passenger train for the agglomeration of St. Petersburg, and double-deck modifications.

The Lastochka train, manufactured at Ural Locomotives, a joint venture of the Sinara Group and Siemens, is the first Russian high-speed electric train with a designated speed of 160 km/h. It can operate in a maritime climate and in the temperature range from minus 40 to plus 40 degrees Celsius.

The train is equipped with air – conditioning and disinfection systems. High-tech solutions have been introduced to increase the passengers’ comfort and to take into consideration the needs of people with disabilities. The layout of the entry and exit areas in the carriages takes into account the different heights of the Russian landing platforms. A unique technological innovation for Russia, implemented at Ural Locomotives, is the use of high-precision hollow extruded aluminum profiles, which underwent hardening, as the main structural material of the electric train body.



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