Paris invests in new rolling stock

At UITP Global Public Transport Summit, Catherine Guillouard, the Chief Executive Officer of RATP Group, announced that EUR 5.5 billion will be invested in the next years to develop and modernise the city’s public transport.
“We will make huge investment in our public transport system. EUR 5.5 billion will be allotted to the projects that will change the way we are traveling. EUR 3.3 billion will be invested for metro projects, particularly for the procurement of new rolling stock. We intend to change 60% of our metro rolling stock fleet until 2030. We will bring a new mobility within Paris, as we have the ability to do it.
Paris is implementing new public transport projects, the metro development being a key priority segment.
In February, dynamic tests were launched for the future MP14 Alstom train which will operate the Line 14 of the Île-de-France metro. The trials will be carried out until this summer and, depending on the tests progress, the new train will enter services at the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020. Alstom was awarded a EUR 1 billion contract for the supply of 72 MP14 metro trains, which will be delivered within the next five years. The MP14 material will also equip lines 4 (a six-car train) and 11 (a five-car train with a driver) of the Île-de-France metro from 2021 and 2022 respectively.
Another important rolling stock contract was also signed in September 2018 by Société du Grand Paris and Alstom for the supply of 1,000 cars (183 trains), valuated at EUR 1.3 billion. The new trains will serve metro lines 15, 16 and 17 of the Grand Paris Express. The new high-capacity steel-wheeled metros will be able to circulate at speeds of up to 110 km/h in automatic driverless mode, taking the form of six-car trains on line 15 and three-car trains on lines 16 and 17. The first train will be delivered from 2022 onwards and initial entry into commercial service is scheduled for 2024.
Regarding the funding for Grand Paris Express, EIB has provided EUR 2.5 billion, which will meet Société du Grand Paris’s financing needs up to 2020, amounting to over EUR 8 billion.

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