Palermo resumes Rail Ring construction

The Italian Government has decided to allot additional funds worth EUR 50 million therefore allowing the Municipality of Palermo to resume construction of the city’s ring railway. Currently, works at the railway ring are 80% completed. It will travel the route of a former freight-dedicated railway that used to provide connection to the maritime port. Inside the city, the railway will travel in the underground between Palermo Centrale and Giachery.

Beside the existing route, a new rail section is being built from Giachery to Notarbartolo, so that the railway ring would be completed.

The railway will travel the route as simple track, trains travelling in one direction and back. Trains will run on the route every 30 minutes.

The municipality estimates that the project will be completed in 2018, next to the modernisation of the railway section and the extension of the current suburban railway between Falcone – Borsellino Airport and Palermo Centrale. Works to section De Gasperi – Francia, part of the underground tunnel in the city were completed on 27 July.

On the long term, the railway ring will be extended south to Termini Imerese, and a railway bypass will be built at Palermo Centrale. Rail transport services on this section that connects Palermo Centrale to the Airport, will take place every 15 minutes compared to the present frequency of 30 minutes.

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