Operating licence for Giruno Gotthard train

The Swiss Federal Office of Transport (FOT) has issued an operating licence for Stadler’s Giruno high-speed train to run at 200 km/h in single traction on the Swiss network. According to the announcement, it is planned to put the Giruno into operation gradually from early summer 2019.
This licence clears the way for the new Gotthard train to travel with passengers on the Swiss rail network for the first time.
The Giruno train has successfully reached all the project milestones so far. Since April 2017, several hundred test journeys have taken place in the four intended operating countries – Switzerland, Italy, Germany and Austria.
The Giruno has a total of 810 seats for passengers, covering a length of up to 400 metres in double traction. The trains are equipped with a low-floor entrance for the different platform heights in Switzerland, Austria and Italy (55 cm) in relation to Germany (76 cm). This is an SBB première for a single-decker, multiple-unit train.
The Giruno exceeds the requirements of the Law on Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities and it has around twice as many wheelchair-accessible places and toilets as legally stipulated. The trains can also provide a great deal of comfort, offering good reception for mobile devices, power outlets at all seats, large luggage racks, gender-separated toilets and a modern light.
To meet the increase in demand on Gotthard Base Tunnel and Ceneri Base Tunnel which is expected to be opened in 2020, SBB ordered 29 multiple units with an option for up to 92 additional trains, which can travel at speeds of up to 250 km/h. The vehicles are eleven-part electric multi-system units.

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