On-time works for Tri-City ports rail access project

Track laying at Gdańsk Zaspa Towarowa station

Polish railway infrastructure manager, PKP PLK, is continuing the construction works to modernise the rail access to the seaports in Gdańsk and Gdynia, a project which has a total value of PLN 2.6 billion (EUR 575.9 million). The projects are expected to be completed at the end of 2021.

While construction works are in full swing at Gdańsk rail stations, the preparations for the construction of new tracks at Gdynia Port have started.

Gdańsk Zaspa Towarowa station most of the old tracks, switches and traction network were dismantled, and 23 km of tracks and 50 switches have been removed. The reconstruction of the pedestrian crossing at the Gdańsk Kolonia stop is underway. The new control room has already installed devices and the rail traffic control system will ensure more efficient and safe operation of a larger number of freight trains.

On the section from the Gdańsk Główny station to the Gdańsk Zaspa Towarowa station, the tracks were dismantled, along with the traction network, and the platform at the Gdańsk Nowe Szkoty stop was removed, which allowed the site to be prepared for strengthening the ground.

Also at Gdańsk Port Północny freight rail station, works on the soil improvement, construction of the traction network and new tracks are continued. 7 km of old tracks and switches were removed, new embankments were formed. Construction of the telecommunication and power networks as well as rail traffic control system is underway.

Ku Ujściu Viaduct

The railway project at Gdańsk port includes the reconstruction of 70 km of tracks, 13 level crossings and pedestrian crossings, and replacement of 221 turnouts. Under the project, 3 bridges, 2 viaducts and 18 culverts will be rebuilt. A new viaduct with road access will be built over the tracks of the Gdańsk Kaszubski Channel station, along Ku Ujście Street.

At Gdynia Port, works on drainage, construction of the water supply and sanitary sewage system are continued. At the same time, the old overhead contact line and rail traffic control system devices are dismantled. Over 54 km of old tracks and almost 100 switches have been removed, which will be replaced by the new infrastructure. The new turnouts will enable efficient passage of trains from track to track. 11.5 km of railway line including 115 km of single tracks, will be upgraded.

The project on rail access improvement at Gdynia port includes the reconstruction of 115 km of tracks and electrification works. 13 km of roads, a railway bridge and 2 level crossings will be rebuilt. The construction of 2 railway viaducts will provide a better connection.

In 2019, the contracts for the rail access improvement at these two ports were awarded. The Gdynia port project was won by Budimex, which signed a PLN 1.52 billion (EUR 337 million) contract. The PLN 1.15 billion (EUR 254.7 million) contract on Gdańsk rail access improvement project was won by Torpol – Intercor consortium.

The global project on modernising the rail access to Tri-City ports is valuated at PLN 2.6 billion (EUR 576 million), of which almost 40% is covered by the European funds. Tri-City ports project includes the Sopot, Gdynia, and Gdańsk ports.

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