ÖBB to modernise three stations on Pyhrnstrecke line

On June 7, at the Neuhofen station, ÖBB-Infrastruktur has launched a EUR 26.9 million project for the modernisation of three railway stations along Pyhrnstrecke route.
For the modernisation of Neuhofen station, the infrastructure manager will invest EUR 9.8 million to rebuild the platforms between the main two tracks and will build a new platform with canopy and waiting shelter and information systems. Under the project, ÖBB will renew the station’s substructure and superstructure, its telecommunication systems and cable systems. Neuhofen station will see new technical facilities.
“This year, in the Upper Austria we are investing in series of railway station modernisation projects and will redesign them. The goal of all the projects is to provide comfort and easy access to passengers,” Andreas Niedermair the head of Region Nord at ÖBB-Infrastruktur.
The commissioning is planned for autumn 2018.
The other two railway stations to be modernised are Kematen/Krems and Rohr-Bad Hall.

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