Norway orders additional trains from Alstom

Coradia Nordic regional trainsNorske tog awarded Alstom a new contract worth more than EUR 230 million to supply 25 six-car additional Coradia Nordic regional trains which are expected to enter services from 2027.

Norske tog’s new regional trains “Class 77” will operate as a commuter and fast rail service between Ski and Stabekk in the greater Oslo region. The expanding fleet of trains will ensure improved transport services throughout the busy region.

“We look forward to receiving 25 additional trains from Alstom to improve capacity and services to the passengers. The new trains will operate to Moss, Rakkestad and Ski and will increase train capacity in the Oslo region. The trains will become an important part of many train commuters’ everyday lives, and will make the journey better,” Øystein Risan, CEO Norske tog said.

The Coradia Nordic regional trains for Norske tog have been specially adapted to meet the needs of the Norwegian rail network and are fully suitable for Norwegian weather conditions.

The new single-deck trains have a top speed of 200 km/h to ensure a swift and comfortable commute in a spacious and relaxing environment. The trains will be equipped with Alstom’s digital ERTMS, a European standard onboard signalling system which provides trains with continuous safe movements and overspeed protection. This cab-signalling architecture removes the need for the driver to read lateral signals and provides onboard failsafe computer that pre-empt drivers actions in case of unsafe conditions. The trains will thus be capable of operating on both tracks equipped with the Norwegian legacy signalling system as well as on the new ERTMS-fitted tracks currently being rolled-out.

The Coradia Nordic is a state-of-the-art, low-floor, high-performance electric multiple unit. The standardised train is a single, versatile platform which meets demands of regional and intercity transport. A modular design allows operators to choose the configuration and interior that work best for their market and commercial strategy. The platform offers emission-free solutions such as battery or hydrogen for non-electrified lines. In addition, Alstom’s sustainable approach to services considers the entire lifecycle of the product, from initial design to end of life, which will maximize the value of Norske tog’s assets.

Alstom will assemble the trains for Norske tog at its site in Salzgitter, Germany. Several French Alstom sites are involved in the project, including Tarbes for traction systems, Ornans for the motors, Villeurbanne for signalling systems and Petit-Quevilly for electrical transformers.

In December 2021, Norway’s operator and Alstom signed a EUR 1.8 billion framework agreement for 200 trains with a firm order for 30 vehicles with a total value of EUR 413 million. The ordered trains are in production with deliveries expected to begin end of 2025.


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