Norway opens ERTMS test and training centre

Bane NOR and Siemens Mobility inaugurated the Campus Nyland test, training and signalling simulation center which will help the rail network operator prepare for the digitalization of the entire system.
The Campus Nyland will be an industry center for digital education and will house more than 5,000 employees, who will learn the necessary digital skills needed to ensure ERTMS is successful when it goes operational. These will include individuals from Bane NOR, train companies, maintenance companies and contractors.
Bane NOR will facilitate simulator training as well as physical training facilities. New technology, such as virtual reality, will be used to communicate how the tracks are built with ERTMS, as well as the design of trains and traffic control centers. More than 150 different scenarios are available for training within the highly digital training hub.
Norway has committed to becoming the first country to operate with a single digital interlocking and ERTMS signifies one of the country’s largest digitalization projects. In the spring of 2020, the Roa – Hønefoss ERTMS test line will be opened and the new signalling technology will be monitored and tested from Campus Nyland.
In 2022, Nordlandsbanen, the first digital line, will ne opened. The line, which operates from Grong to Bodø, represents about 12 percent of the Norwegian railway.
Norway’s ERTMS deployment plan will be completed in 2034. It will include 4,200 km of track and more than 350 stations.
In 2018, Bane NOR and Siemens Mobility signed a EUR 800 million contract for to upgrade the signalling equipment of the entire Norwegian rail network to ETCS.

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