Northern Latitudinal Railway will transport 23.9 mln tons of cargo a year

Russian experts forecast the Northern Latitudinal Railway (NLR) will serve 23.9 million tons of cargo a year, where the biggest share would be condensed gas, the Yamal-Nenets Region’s governmental press service announced.
“The concession project is a construction of more than 350km of a railway line, bridges across the Ob and Nadym Rivers. The construction is due between 2018 and 2023, and the forecasted cargo turnover is 23.9 million tons a year – mostly condensed gas and cargo oil”, the experts said.
Northern Latitudinal Railway project will be implemented on a Public-Private Partnership basis in the form of a concession. The Yamal-Nenets regional government will invest in construction of a road across the Ob River and will provide necessary paperwork.
Russian Railways (RZD) will reconstruct the Northern Railway’s and Sverdlovsk Railway’s neighboring passages, and Gazprom is responsible for an own railway line of 104km between Nadym and Pangoda.
In May, the then Acting Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov said the Northern Latitudinal Railway construction was due to be over in 2023. According to an previous information was the project’s term would be 2018-2022.
The Northern Latitudinal Railway will be 707 km long, connecting Yamal with Uralsk and with Russia’s North-West. The railway will also connect the national transport systems via the Sabetta seaport with the Northern Sea Route. In October, 2016, RZD and government of the Yamal-Nenets Region agreed the future latitudinal railway project. For RZD, it would be the first concessional project ever. The project’s cost is likely to be around RUB 200 billion (USD 3.6 billion).

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