Nomad to provide WiFi to NS for the new Intercity fleet

Nomad Digital is working with Alstom to deploy passenger WiFi and the Nederlandse Spoorwegen’s passenger information services solution on the new Intercity Next Generation (ICNG) fleet. The Nederlandse Spoorwegen (NS) WiFi and passenger information system will be built into the 79 new trains belonging to Alstom’s Coradia range of modular trains which were ordered in July 2016.
The ICNG networked platform enables on-board devices to communicate with each other and the outside world and supports an integrated portal. This portal from NS enhances the passenger experience by delivering an infotainment platform, providing passengers with fully synchronised and integrated real-time journey and service information.
Nomad is developing future-proof solutions providing NS with the opportunity to continually integrate additional services and applications over time, which in turn will continue to deliver greater passenger satisfaction.

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