NJ Transit order for 8 additional diesel-electric locomotives confirmed

dual-power locomotivesBombardier Transportation has confirmed that New Jersey Transit Corporation (NJ Transit) has exercised an option for the acquisition of eight additional ALP-45 dual-power locomotives as part of a base contract signed in 2008. The deliveries are scheduled for 2022.

This is the fourth option exercised by NJ Transit which will have a fleet of 60 ALP-45 dual-power locomotives.

The new dual-power locomotives will meet current EPA Tier IV requirements, reducing emissions when operating in diesel mode and running emission-free when operating in electric mode. They will also offer a significant increase in horsepower, acceleration and available head-end power over the units they will be replacing.

The units are capable of operating under both diesel power and alternating current electric power from overhead lines. Their flexible power system enables the locomotives to operate across the entire NJ Transit rail system, which includes both electrified and non-electrified lines, thus allowing passengers to travel between New Jersey and New York City’s Penn Station without having to change trains.

The ALP-45A locomotives are designed to operate push-pull passenger train service on both electrified and non-electrified lines at speeds of up to 200 km/h in electric mode and up to 160 km/h in diesel mode.

“These new locomotives are far more environmentally-friendly than the diesel units they’re replacing. Additionally, they offer NJ Transit greater operating flexibility and provide passengers with the safety and convenience of a one-seat ride to and from Penn Station in New York City,” Elliot Sander, the president of Bombardier Transportation for Americas Region.

In 2008, NJ Transit approved a contract with Bombardier Transportation for the delivery of 26 ALP-45 dual-powered locomotives, with an option for up to 63 vehicles. In 2009, the company has purchased nine additional locomotives increasing the total number of ALP45 vehicles at that time to 35. The first locomotive was delivered in December 2011.

During the last years, Bombardier has delivered NJ Transit more than 100 electric and dual-power locomotives, as well as push-pull commuter coaches and 429 MultiLevel I and II vehicles. In 2019, the two companies signed a EUR 585 million contract for the supply of 113 MultiLevel III commuter rail cars.

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