Newag to supply Laude four Dragon locomotives

Newag and Laude Smart Intermodal signed a contract for the supply of 4 six-axle Dragon 2 electric locomotives, with two of them being adapted also for diesel operation. EUR 14 million (PLN 60.5 million) is the total value of the contract which provides a quality guarantee and warranty for locomotives for 36 months. The warranty period would be extended for different locomotives’ components.
According to the contract, the locomotives’ deliveries will be completed in 2020.
Dragon electric locomotive is the first completely Polish-designed locomotive produced in Poland in the last 25 years, destined to pull heavy freight trains.
The main advantage of the Dragon 2 locomotive is the traction power of the six-axle locomotive platform, adapted to the European market. The locomotive is designed to run at speeds of 160 km/h.

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