New York opens Rochester Rail Station

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and Amtrak officials opened the new USD 44.3 million Rochester Intermodal Station to passenger service. The new station will speed up travel with expanded track service, streamline operations with a modern concourse and baggage handling system, and improve the overall passenger experience with enhanced accessibility, retail amenities and a larger building.
The station, which was turned over to Amtrak to own and operate, replaces the “temporary” station that had served the region for 36 years. Operationally, the new Rochester Station improves train service and reduces travel delays. It features two new dedicated passenger tracks. The former station had only one platform track, which passenger and freight trains shared, often having to slow or wait outside of the station area until the track was clear. In having two additional tracks reduces congestion, allowing two passenger trains traveling in opposite directions to stop at the station and freight trains to bypass the area without stopping.
The new station also has a two-sided, high-level passenger platform, which makes it easier for passengers to get on and off trains. That will help reduce travel delays and make trains more accessible and convenient for travelers, especially those with physical disabilities and families traveling with young children. The new station, passenger concourse, platform and passenger information display systems are all fully compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
The station also has a more efficient system of handling the more than 40,000 pieces of luggage that travel through there annually. To the right of the new ticketing window, Amtrak has a secure counter to accept checked luggage. Baggage is transferred to trains through a newly constructed access tunnel to the new platform. The station also has a new, more reliable baggage cart.
Bicycle and pedestrian access to the station has been improved with new sidewalks, lighting and bicycle racks. Station parking has been reconfigured to improve accessibility and allow commercial bus operations to be linked to the station in the future.
Funding for the project includes USD 23.4 million from the State Department of Transportation and USD 20.4 million in federal funding, including a USD 15 million grant from the Federal Railroad Administration through the Transportation Investment Generating Economic Recovery Program, which was secured by Congresswoman Slaughter. The City of Rochester contributed USD 500,000. Amtrak contributed to the new Passenger Information Display System at the station.
“This magnificent new train station will be the front door to the Finger Lakes, improving rail travel, enhancing passenger and commercial rail service while supporting tourism and regional economic growth,” Governor Cuomo said.

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