New system to improve Helsinki metro services

Helsinki City Transport selected Teleste to install its solution to drive improved situational awareness and safer travelling across the Helsinki metro system.
The selected S-AWARE platform will be deployed in 2019 and the project will be carried out in several phases and be completed the end of the year 2020. The total value of the deployment will be more than EUR 2 million.
Helsinki City Transport has adopted Teleste’s platform to develop the response capabilities and to ensure a high service level, e.g., during possible security failures, alerts and states of emergency, as well as in other complex or critical situations.
The platform works by collecting real-time information from various subsystems, data sources and sensory inputs, and it displays a unified and real-time view of the whole operational infrastructure. This provides for the improved understanding of what is happening in the surroundings and creates grounds for sharp and efficient decision-making. In addition, the platform can be used to pre-define automated operating procedures for efficient and smart incident management, hence ensuring that correct action is immediately taken when unexpected incidents occur. The advanced reporting, debriefing and training tools ensure that the system can be used to project future events and be prepared for exceptional situations.
During recent years, the Helsinki Metro has undergone several upgrades and major extensions. Today, it includes more than 20 stations in Helsinki and its neighbouring cities and serves the capital region of Finland with hundreds of thousands of daily rides. Every year, over 80 million passengers and commuters enjoy travelling in the system.

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