New meter-gauge EMU for Malaysia rolls off the production line at CRRC

The new ETS3 meter-gauge EMU train that CRRC developed for Malaysia rolled off the production line at CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Company Ltd. (CRRC ZELC).

It is the third-generation new meter-gauge EMU train independently developed by CRRC for Malaysia following the ETS and ETS2 models. It will be put into operation along the west coastline route of Malaysia with a total length of about 950 km. The ETS3 train will greatly increase the passenger capacity and operational efficiency in the local rail transit network, promoting the modernization of Malaysia’s rail transit.

The ETS3 train adopts a high-speed wheel disc braking meter-gauge bogie and a dual redundant braking system, which empowers the train to run smoothly at a high speed, and with great braking reliability as well.

With a running speed up to 160 km/h, ETS3 has stronger power compared to the previous generation, better addressing the need for fast start/stop.

Furthermore, its battery doubles the capacity of its predecessor, allowing for ventilation and emergency operation for up to 2 hours, just in case.

The ETS3 high-speed train project is expected to further deepen the close partnership between the competent authorities of China and Malaysia, promote the connectivity and inject new vitality into the economic, trade, and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

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