New locomotive made by Softronic – TRANSMONTANA

European railway privatization and the increasing flow of freight over long distances led to radical changes on the freight traffic market. Together with state – owned traditional railway companies there are a large number of private companies of railway transportation and leasing companies wishing to buy a small number of locomotives at competitive prices. Responding to this trend Softronic put into production an electric traction locomotive designated for the long haul heavy trains on a relief with large slopes. The new locomotive called TRANSMONTANA is adapted to satisfy the present and the upcoming market needs and fulfils new European standards and directives.

TRANSMONTANA represents the successor of a series of locomotives manufactured by Softronic own projects, but it is the first one with asynchronous traction motors.  The new locomotives combine Softronic experience of over 12 years in modernization, repair and manufacture of locomotives with innovations systematically oriented to customers benefit and cost effective.
Besides the technical data base that is unrivaled in the competitive market, the main objective in the development of electric locomotives with asynchronous traction motors was to optimize maintenance and operation costs. This means to use new technologies and developing new projects for main components. The result, certificate of approval by the Romanian Railway Authority, was manufacturing the most advanced electric locomotive made in Eastern Europe. In tests there were drawn on very difficult pathways (ex. Campina – Predeal) trains up to 2000 tones and from the locomotives with direct current traction motors was reached  a lower power consumption ( up to 8 – 10%) due to energy recovery. TRANSMONTANA was tested in Hungary also by the National Transport Authority.
TRANSMONTANA uses one of the previous developments adapted to new requirements, but the most important components are new developments. Thus, in our laboratories have been developed asynchronous traction motors, power electronic converters for asynchronous traction motors, unit converter, electronic equipment for command and control and the box has been redesigned.
Taking advantage of the opportunity offered by structural funds granted to Romania, Softronic realized the new locomotive with substantial contribution from European funds granted by the Economic Competitiveness Operational Program, Priority 2 – Research, technological development and innovation for competitively, Operation 233 – Promoting innovation in enterprises. The project LE 5100 kW Romanian electric locomotive modernization, co-financed from structural funds, government and our own focused on achieving the documentation development and implementation of the new locomotive, its objectives are fully achieved.

Technical characteristics- Wheel arrangement Co-Co
– Track gauge 1.435 mm
– Maximum speed 160 km/h
– Vehicle length (length over buffers) 19.740 mm
– Width 3.000 mm
– Weight (depending on version, equipment and blast) 120 t
– Voltage systems 25 kV, 50 Hz
– Nominal power 6.000 kW
– Traction transformer nominal power 7.422 kW
– Ambient temperature -30 … + 400C

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