New federal funding for rail transit projects in the US

New funding for transit systemsThe Federal Transit Administration (FTA) will provide USD 891 million new funding for transit systems in the US, supporting the rail and bus rapid transport.

The financing provided through FTA’s Capital Investment Grants (CIG) programme will support 12 infrastructure projects across the country. Eight projects are related to BRT system while four envisage the construction of railway and LRT connections.

FTA is allocating USD27 million in appropriated Fiscal Year 2018 CIG funding, USD 526.5 million in appropriated FY 2019 CIG funding and USD 337 million in appropriated FY 2020 CIG funding to 12 projects. The projects must meet additional requirements in law before a grant can be awarded.

“Supporting rail and bus rapid transit projects across the nation will help communities improve transit service as they address the impacts of COVID-19 and recover from this public health emergency,” said FTA Acting Administrator K. Jane Williams.

Under the new funding for transit systems, three CIG new starts projects are supported. LA Metro har received financial support for the construction of a 4 km heavy rail system extension to the Westwood/Veterans Hospital area, including two stations, as part of the Westside Purple Line section 3 project. During FY 2018-19, FTA provided USD 200 million and in the FY 2020, USD 100 million.

USD 100 million in FY 2020 was provided to a 9 km extension and nine stations of alley Metro’s light rail system from downtown Phoenix to the South Mountain Village Core. Also, in FY 2019 funding, USD 100 million was allotted for this project.

Another CIG new start project supported is the 12.5 km southern extension of the Northern Indiana Commuter Transport District’s (NICTD) existing South Shore Line commuter rail service between Dyer and Hammond in Indiana. It includes four new stations. FTA is allocating USD 100 million in FY 2020 funds to the project.

The MAX Red Line extension in Portland is the single railway project receiving funding under the CIG small starts projects. It involves the construction of a 12.5 km extension of the Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon’s (TriMet) MAX Red Line from Beaverton Transit Center to Downtown Hillsboro. FTA is allocating USD 100 million in FY 2019 CIG funds to the project, to complete the CIG funding request. The project also will increase the reliability of the MAX light rail system between Portland International Airport and Beaverton Transit Center.

With this announced funding, FTA has advanced funding for 35 new CIG projects throughout the country since January 2017, totalling a commitment of USD 8.5 billion.

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