New EU funds for railway projects

Linha do Norte, Portugal

EUR 4 billion investment package was adopted under the EU Cohesion Policy, which will support 25 large infrastructure projects and will generate EUR 8 billion. The investment package covers 10 member states.
The EU total funding for the railway projects, including urban rail development, is 873.55 million and the total value of the projects is EUR 1.64 billion.
For railway infrastructure projects, Czech Republic received EUR 76.16 million financing for the modernisation of 7.5 km between Rokycany and Pilsen, the construction of a new 4-km tunnel between Ejpovice and Pilsen-Doubravka which is the longest railway tunnel in Czech Rep. and the purchase of new tracks between Kysice and Pilsen. The project will shorten travel time by almost 50% on the modernized section.
Italy received EUR 358.68 million funding for the Segway of the Circumetnea “Stesicoro-Aeroporto” railway project which has a total value of EUR 611.59 million. The project consists in the extension of the current section of the Circumetnea Railway line operating in the centre of Catania to the south. The 6.8 km line will be built underground and will have 8 stations. The project also includes the purchase of rolling stock worth EUR 60 million.
Poland received a total EUR 222.74 million million financing for three railway projects which include the construction of the Szczecin suburban railway network, the modernisation of PKP Intercity’s rolling stock fleet and the purchase of 16 EMUs by Mazovian Railways.
Portugal has also received a EU 118.74 million funding for the second phase of Northern Line modernisation, on Ovar-Gaia section. The total value of the project is EUR 196 million and it should be completed in 2022. “Linha do Norte” is the main axis of the National Railway Network (RFN). It is developed longitudinally by a large coastal corridor (North-South Corridor) and it is part of the Atlantic Corridor, one of the nine main corridors of the Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T).
For urban rail development, Romania has received EUR 97.22 million, envisaging improvement works on Metro Line 2, between Berceni and Pipera, Phase 2. The total value of the project is 135.83 million and involves interventions on Line 2 the rolling stock and to reconstruct the track substructure and trackside facilities such as electrical and sanitary utilities on the entire 19 km section of the line which runs underground.

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