NEVZ to deliver RZD 15 new electric locomotives

Transmashholding will deliver Russian Railways 15 4ES5K electric locomotives manufactured by Novocherkassk Electric Locomotive Plant (NEVZ). The first 4ES5K “Ermak” cargo locomotive was sent to Far Eastern Railway at the Smolyaninovo depot.

NEVZ will build this year 15 two-section Ermak and 121 3ES5K main line freight electric locomotives designed to operate on the 1,520-gauge network.

The most powerful worldwide, 4ES5K freight AC electric locomotive Ermak has an unprecedented power of 13120 kW (in an hourly mode) enabling driving of heavy-duty trains of up to 7,100 tonnes weight in complicated landscape conditions.

The 4ES5K design applies to new technical solution such as axle-based traction control system enabling to appropriately allocate the traction load between axles and realize electric loco thrust coefficient at maximum, to increase the weight of the transported cargoes.

Since 2015, when NEVZ has started to manufacture the four-section Ermak locomotives, it has delivered 22 units with a total mileage of 5 million km.

In addition to Russia, such locomotives are also operated in Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

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