NEVZ delivers special design traction unit to Pavlovsk Nerud

The Novocherkassk Electric Locomotives Plant (NEVZ), part of Transmashholding, has manufactured a NP1 No.081 traction unit of a special design and delivered it to Pavlovsk Nerud.
Pavlovsk Nerud, specializing in the extraction and production of crushed stone, ordered in 2017 a traction unit of lower power compared with the standard specification. The rated power of an original NP1 with 2 dump cars is 7.600 kWt, with traction effort equal to 1.050 kN. Following the customer’s technical requirements, NEVZ manufactured a modified NP1 with one dump car, with the rated power of 5.200 kWt and traction effort of 700 kN. The electric locomotive‚Äôs car body has a central driver’s cab, designed to meet modern ergonomic requirements and equipped with air conditioning system.
NP1 traction units have been produced at NEVZ since 2004. In most cases they are purchased to replace the traction industrial units of the OPE1 series. This equipment successfully operates on mining and processing plants and opencast coal mines in Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine.

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