Network Rail turns to drone technology for track inspection

Heliguy, a partner of DJI, will carry out rail track inspection in UK using drones following a three-year contract with Network Rail estimated at GBP 2.6 million.

track inspection

DJI, the world leader of camera drones, announced on July 2 that their partner Heliguy was selected to lead drone missions in the UK. Thus, Heliguy will deal with inspecting the rail track operated by Network Rail and auxiliary infrastructures. The three-year contract is estimated at GBP 2.6 million (aprox. EUR 2.9 million), Heliguy informs.

Heliguy will use a fleet of Matrice 200 Series V2 and Phantom 4 RTK mapping drones. 20,000 miles of track (approx. 32,000 km) will be inspected and maintained, but also 40,000 bridges and tunnels throughout the network.

The use of drones to inspect the tracks will limit the exposure of staff to dangers. Moreover, it will no longer be necessary to interrupt traffic and thus reduce the financial impact of track inspections.

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