Netherlands provides Alstom ISO 55001 certification

ISO 55001 certificationAlstom has recently obtained the ISO 55001 certification for the Hanzelijn maintenance contract, a Dutch railway line of 50 km between Lelystad and Zwolle which is entirely equipped with the ERTMS Level 2 signalling system provided by the French company.

Alstom is in charge of the maintenance of the railway security system since 2012 and is the first supplier of railway security systems in the Netherlands to obtain such certification.

The ISO certificate awarded to Alstom is valid for three years, after which the company will undergo a new, thorough audit. The independent Dutch certification body DNV will also organise an interim audit every year.

With ISO 55001, Alstom ensures greater consistency across all its processes. This enables Alstom to initiate improvements across all processes and ensure an efficient collaboration with all stakeholders involved.

The company has demonstrated that its asset management system complies with the international standard and that it supports its customers with tailor-made services throughout the entire lifecycle of its security system.

Alstom is currently involved in several projects in the Netherlands. The successful certification of the Hanzelijn contract is a first step for other Alstom projects.

“With this certification, we have demonstrated our ability to manage our customer’s company values as well as our own company values, including reliability, technical and personal safety and availability”, Bernard Belvaux, Managing Director Alstom Benelux said.

The international ISO 55001 certification is an asset management system standard. Its main objective is to help organisations to manage the lifecycle of assets more effectively. It specifies the requirements for setting up, implementing, maintaining, and improving an asset management system. Any company that complies with this standard is capable of creating value from its assets. What is unique, however, is that Alstom has elected to use the ITIL1 framework for the asset management system for all its company processes.

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