MyHSR seeks consultant for Kuala Lumpur-Singapore HSR reappraisal

MyHSR, the company responsible for Kuala Lumpur–Singapore high-speed rail project, has published a tender to appoint a Technical Advisory Consultant (TAC) to review the technical aspects on the postponed KL-SG HSR’s cost reduction options. The closing process is set for 26 April 2019.
The TAC will review and validate the proposed infrastructure assets within Malaysia, such as alignment, stations, and HSR maintenance facilities to validate the recommendation. This review is expected to include on-the-ground data collection activities such as topography survey data, soil investigation, and ground condition assessment.
“This tender marks an important step forward before the end of the suspension period in May 2020. We encourage all firms with the relevant experience to participate in this tender as the findings of this review will help us chart the right course for this project,” MyHSR CEO, Mohd Nur Ismal bin Mohamed Kamal, said.
The tender is open to firms or consortia that meet individually or collectively four criteria on past experience in project review, in HSR design, in quantity surveying and preparation of cost estimates for rail projects in Malaysia. The company or the consortia must be registered with the Ministry of Finance under a specific codes on civil engineering and quantity surveyor.
In Sepember, the Governments of Malaysia and Singapore had agreed to suspend the construction of the Kuala Lumpur–Singapore high-speed rail project until 31 May 2020. During this suspension period, both countries have committed to finding the best way forward for project.
Following this, the Government of Malaysia and MyHSR have been reviewing the project in order to identify cost reduction options, such as reviewing and optimising the alignment, station locations, and business model. In line with the Government’s objective of managing the country’s debt, the project review effort focuses on prioritising key functional aspects in civil construction, technology, and capacity requirements without compromising on quality and safety in delivering high-value, efficient, and more affordable services that will be economically beneficial to Malaysia.
The KL-SG HSR involves the construction of a 330-km double railway line served by 8 stations, of which 7 built in Malaysia, and the end station, Jurong East, in Singapore. The value of the project is estimated at USD 16 billion.

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