Munich orders 73 more Avenio trams

Stadtwerke München (SWM), the Munich public transport company, ordered 73 additional Avenio trams from Siemens Mobility. EUR 200 million is the value of the new trams, with a first batch of vehicles expected to be delivered in 2021.
The new trams will supplement those of the same type already in service in the city. They will enter services on the existing network and on the planned tram tangents and a tram line in the northern part of the city.
The four-car trams provide space for around 218 passengers and its 8 double doors enable smooth and quick entries and exits.
The car body is based on a welded steel frame. The entire body shell is also given a cathodic dip painting to provide optimal protection against corrosion. The spacious and bright interior has two large multi-functional areas for parking strollers and wheelchairs. Ergonomic seats and grab handles and infotainment monitors enhance passenger comfort and convenience.
In September 2012, Munich city utility company was the first customer to order the new Avenio for the light rail network of the MVG (Munich transport company). In the meantime, SWM has continually expanded its Avenio fleet.
In 2015, SWM ordered 22 additional Avenio trams under a EUR 70 million contract, with options for up to 124 additional units, with an estimated value of EUR 300 million.

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