Mumbai–Ahmedabad HSR tender launched

India’s National High Speed Rail (NHRSCL) has launched the tender on the design and construction of civil and building works for the 237-km section of Mumbai–Ahmedabad HSR project. The total length of the line is 508 km.
The contract also includes testing and commissioning for viaducts, bridges, maintenance depots and stations. The deadline for bids submission is 16 July 2019 and must be accompanied by a bid security of INR 2 billion (USD 29 million).
According to Times of India, which quotes undisclosed sources, the tender is estimated at USD 2.9 billion and the winner will have to complete the works within 42 months.
Bidding will be conducted through procedures according to procurement guidelines under JICA loan. Last year, JICA provided India two loans for the Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR. In September, the institution offered a JPY 89.5 billion (EUR 707 million) loan and in October it was signed the second financial agreement valuated at JPY 150 billion (EUR 1.18 billion). The two loans bring JICA’s financing involvement within Mumbai – Ahmedabad HSR to EUR 2.4 billion.
In September, the NHSRCL launched the first project’s tender envisaging the design and construction of Sabarmati Terminal in Ahmedabad. The Sabarmati hub is the terminus station for those boarding the train from the Bandra-Kurla Complex in Mumbai.
Under the financial agreement, India will use Japanese Shinkansen system for the construction of a 500-km line and 12 stations between Mumbai in Maharashtra State and Ahmedabad in Gujarat State. The new rail will make transport between Mumbai, the second largest city in India, and Ahmedabad, the fifth largest commercial and industrial city, possible in about 2 hours, one-third of the time required with a conventional limited express train.
The line is scheduled to be completed at the end of 2023, when the facilities will be put into service. Mumbai-Ahmedabad HSR project was estimated at USD 14 billion, with 81 per cent of the funding coming from Japan.

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