MTR obtains approval for Tuen Mun South extension design

Tuen Mun South extensionThe Government of Hong Kong provided MTR Corporation the approval to proceed with the detailed planning and design of the Tuen Mun South extension project. MTR will immediately proceed with the procurement of the design, with construction expected to be launched in 2023.

The project consists of the construction of a 2.4 km line as an extension of the West Rail Line, which will in the future become the Tuen Ma Line.

The extension will be constructed from the existing Tuen Mun station to a new terminus at Tuen Mun South, via a proposed intermediate station between Tuen Mun station and new Tuen Mun South station.

The newly-added Tuen Mun South station, situated near the Tuen Mun Ferry Pier, southern area of Tuen Mun district, will improve the railway services in Tuen Mun South area. The proposed intermediate station, located in Tuen Mun Area 16, will unleash the housing development potential.

The extension project will bring residents of Tuen Mun South area new transport connections by “enhancing the transport network of the West Rail Line and will provide a convenient interchange with the local light rail. Upon completion, residents in the area will have a rail option for commuting to Tuen Mun Town Centre and even the urban area,” said   Jacob Kam, Chief Executive Officer of MTR Corporation.

MTR Corporation will consult the local communities to build a new railway connection according to their mobility needs. The new railway connection will offer residents easy access to railway transport while promoting the development of southern area.

The Tuen Mun South extension project was proposed under the 2014 Railway Development Strategy. In 2016, the Hong Kong government invited the MTR Corporation to submit a proposal for the project. The Transport and Housing Bureau, the Highways Department and relevant bureaux and departments have evaluated the proposal and requested the MTRCL to provide additional information and supplement details.



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