MTR Launches new intercity train service in Sweden

MTRMTR Express, an all-new premium-quality train service, was successfully launched on 21 March 2015 on the 455-km Stockholm – Gothenburg route (Sweden).
Operated by MTR Express (Sweden) AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of MTR Corporation, the service features a fleet of brand new energy efficient Swiss-
built trains designed for Nordic weather conditions and also introduces a range of customer service enhancements to the Swedish market.
MTR Express is initially providing about 50 weekly train services between Stockholm and Gothenburg and this will be increased to about 90 weekly services in August as additional new trains complete testing and commissioning.
“Delivering an enhanced customer experience has been at the heart of our strategy in introducing the MTR Express train service on this important route in Sweden as we are looking to not only attract regular rail passengers but also those who may previously have travelled by car or plane. We’re very pleased to see the positive response in the market to the launch of this premium quality service,” said Mr Lincoln Leong, Chief Executive Officer of MTR Corporation.

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